Ylang Ylang Incense Sticks - Purple Incense - Ylang Ylang Scented Incense
Natural ylang ylang incense sticks hand-rolled from organic bamboo, perfect for bringing a refreshing and pleasant scent to your home, also amazing incense sticks for using for yoga, meditation or prayer. These handmade incense sticks have the beautiful scent of ylang ylang which is a sweet essential oil which is made from the leaves of the tropical cananga tree which is native to parts of South and South East Asia in India, Malaysia and the Philippines. The incense has the most wonderful aroma and will leave you feeling totally calm and relaxed, bringing a calming atmosphere to your home. Each incense stick comes in a deep purple colour.

The incense has all been rolled by hand with each individual incense stick being handmade from all natural ingredients and fragranced using pure ylang ylang essential oil to give it a high aroma level.

Each stick measures 25cm approx.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning incense. Always burn incense in an incense stick holder or ash catcher on a heat proof surface. Never leave burning incense unattended for any length of time. Keep away from flammable surfaces such as walls, doors and curtains. Keep our of the reach of children and pets.

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