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Unique hand carved wooden tree art which comes in a variety of wonderful designs, these rustic piece of wood carved ornaments are made from logs and have been painstakingly hand carved with intricate designs. These designs include a wise looking owl and woodland men's faces, who appear wise and who represent the green man who represents rebirths and the renewal of life every spring time when nature refreshes itself.

These ornate and beautiful wood carvings are made from chinaberry and hibiscus tree trunk offcuts which are natural byproducts of other industries, so you can be sure no trees have been felled just for these artworks. The wood used have been sustainably grown and are sourced from responsible growers. They have been lovingly hand carved by artisans who have decades of experience in this practice.

These pieces will look wonderful anywhere in your home and can be used in the garden as well.

Measurements -

Owl in Trunk - 24x11x5cm
Old Man Tree - 50x13x6cm
Old Man Tree - 28x11x6cm
Large Green Man - 25x19x7cm
Small Green Man - 16x11x5cm
Owl Family - 26x16x6cm

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