Father's Day Gift Mug with Greetings Card - Gift for Dad with Card

Show your appreciation for dad with our Father's Day gift mug and optional Father's Day card to go with it. This deep green china mug celebrates all the special qualities that make dad the master of hugs, a real-life superhero, a flat pack extraordinaire, a bad joke teller, and a giver of good advice! 

This mug lists some of the funny but real reasons why you adore your dad and the accompanying optional gift card pairs perfectly! 

The mug has a 400ml capacity and is microwave safe.

If you order the additional Father's Day greetings card, your card can be personalised with a handwritten message on the back, but the front of the card also features the below text (as shown in the photos).

"thank you dad for everything"

"[dad] noun"

"The one who gives good advice and makes bad jokes. The one who loves you, comforts you, supports you and helps you. The one person who will always be there for you."

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