Handmade and hand painted wooden indoor plant stands featuring a variety of colours and made from albasia wood. These wood planter stands are hand carved from albasia wood and hand finished in different paint work depending on your preferences. These modern and minimalistic stands make beautiful additions to your home decor and are a unique way to display your house plants; these houseplant stands are particularly great for showing off hanging plants or plants with a lot of hanging arms such as cheese plants or aloe veras.

These decorative plant stands are had cut, hand carved, hand sanded and hand painted using the finest quality stains to protect the wood and keep them looking in top shape. The wooden stand is supported by black metal legs which are stable and flat to keep the stand secure.

The circular plant stands come with a beautiful flower hand carved on the side and the fish stands come with intricate fin and face details carved into them.

Whitewashed: 43x19x5cm
Terracotta & Black: 43x19x5cm
Turquoise & Gold: 43x19x5cm
Natural & Gold: 43x19x5cm
Fish Whitewashed: 37x25x2cm
Fish Terracotta: 37x25x2cm
Fish Turquoise: 37x25x2cm
Fish Greywash: 37x25x2cm

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