Wooden Garden Bird House - Wildlife Shelter - Garden Decoration
Plywood bird house and nesting box, perfect for all of your smaller garden birds to make their nests in, this birdhouse will be sure to keep them safe and warm as they hatch and raise their babies. This bird house is made from sustainably sourced, strong and high quality plywood that will stand the tests of the British weather and has been finished with MDF for the details. The bird house has a small round cut out in the front to allow the birds easy access in and out of the nest; the opening is small enough that predators and larger birds like magpies aren't able to get at the nest and hatchlings inside, so they are perfectly safe. There is also a small stand just in-front of the opening for the birds to stand on as they enter.

The main body of this nesting box has a natural wood finish with the raw finish of the plywood being visible, allowing it to naturally blend into your garden, the roof and base are in a teal-ish blue/green colour. The blue stand at the front of the opening to the birdhouse is also in this colour.

The bird house has a sweet miniature sign that hangs on the front of the bird house which reads 'all birds welcome'. The bird house also has a hook at the back to allow you to easily hang it from a fence, tree or wall.

Size: H20.5cm x W16cm x D12cm

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