Wooden Bee Hive Insect Hotel - Sustainable Bee Habitat
Handmade natural wooden bee house and insect habitat, perfect for hanging on your fence or a tree in your garden to create a safe nesting place for your garden bees and other insects. This yellow beehive style insect hotel has a yellow hexagonal design with honeycomb style pipes running through the centre where your bees and bugs will make themselves snug as a bug! The pipes are long and narrow enough that birds won't be able to reach the insects inside and the bugs will be well protected from the weather too.

Bee hotels are a great way to introduce your children to the tiny, buzzing beasts and help create a space for these important pollinators to thrive. The bee hotel has a hook attached to the back so you can easily hang it from a tree, fence or wall.

This beehive style insect and bee hotel is Forest Stewardship Council-approved and the wood used to create it has all been sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests certified by the FSC.

H:17cm X W:15.6cm X D:8cm

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