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Rustic and natural looking bark birdhouse made in a quaint log cabin design, made from quality wood and finished with natural bark for the walls and roof. This lovely bark covered bird house looks so natural and fits well into any garden, your garden birds are sure to feel at home in their very own wooden log cabin! This wooden bark birdhouse features thick wooden walls and roof to keep your birds feeling dry and cosy all year 'round and sheltered from the British weather. This bird house is very well made and features a round opening for the birds to enter and exit the house from and this has a lovely round bark covered perch underneath so your birds have somewhere to land. The bark covered bird house will have your birds feeling like they are nesting in a real tree.

The house comes with a built in natural hessian rope to hang the house up to a tree, fence or wall from, allowing you to keep it high up off the ground and away from predators such as cats and foxes. The small entrance on the front is large enough for a variety of birds to enter but is small enough to prevent such predators being able to reach them, so you can be sure your nesting birds will be safe and sound!

The house is finished with 2 signs attached to it, one which reads "all birds welcome" and another that says "Home tweet home".

Size: 17cm x 14cm x 10cm

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