These handmade wooden hanging bird feeders are put together by hand using upcycled and sustainably sourced driftwood and are made in the welcoming design of a cosy wooden bird house which is sure to be inviting for your garden birds! They are carefully cut into pieces that slot together for a natural and well finished look and are held in place using discreet and small nails.

The wood is cut into natural looking log type shapes which add to the natural and rustic look of these bird houses, bringing plenty of natural charm to your garden. The birdhouse has several decorative pieces of wood surrounding the circular entrance to the bird house, which add even more to the beauty to their design. The bird house comes on a small rope which allows you to hang it securely from a wall, tree or fence.

This bird house has been handmade with love and has been made to look as natural as possible to blend into your garden but also to make your garden birds feel safe and at home. This bird house will help to keep them safe, warm and cosy all year long!

Smaller - 15cm x 11cm
Medium - 21cm x 15cm
Sizes are approximate as due to the handmade nature of these bird houses, each item comes out slightly different.

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