Triple Moon Mug - Moon Phases Black Mug
Black and white china tea cup and coffee mug featuring a wonderful lunar triple moon design, showing 3 phases of the moon as it goes from a waxing to a waning moon and features lots of lovely little white stars all across the mug in varying sizes. The mug is perfect for all of your tea and coffee and the lovely design is sure to brighten up your day each time you have a cuppa!

The mug come with a sturdy handle and is both dishwasher and microwave safe as well. The mug has a lovely sleek black finish and the white of the moon phases and stars really stands out against it, making the mug even more striking and beautiful.

Traditionally in pagan culture, the triple moon design features the waxing, full and waning moon which represent the mother, the maiden and the crone, which together, are known as the triple Goddess.

Please note that props in the photos such as the crystal coaster are not included with the mug.

Size: H10cm X W13cm X D8cm

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