Total Detox Bath Salt in Glass Mason Jar - Home Spa Kit
Home total detox bath salt set, with handmade bath salts to give you a full mind and body detox, made from high quality essential oils and natural sea salts. The bath salts come in a lovely glass mason jar with a rustic cork lid to keep your bath salts dry and easy to store. These bright orange bath salts are made using all natural essential oils that give them the most wonderful refreshing scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, which will relax you and allow your body and mind to completely detox of all the stress, toxins and negativity you might be carrying around with you. Simply add 2-3 teaspoons of these bath salts to your bath for a detoxing and relaxing soak.

The glass mason jar is the perfect way to keep your bath salts as it keeps them fresh and preserves their scent, whilst also looking interesting and adds a touch of colour to your bathroom as you can see the bright orange bath salts inside.

These bath salts make a lovely gift to someone who needs a bit of tender love and care or perhaps who is struggling with their mental health. They also make a really lovely self-care treat - each time you take an aromatic bath with these salts, you'll be sure to leave the bath feeling like a new person.

Bottle size: 10cm x 6cm (150ml capacity)

Please note that the scoop and tray shown in the photos are for display purposes only and do not come with the bath salts.

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