Large colourful bistro style taper candles in church candle quality which are perfect for the dinner table or mantelpiece and burn for up to 8 hours with a non-drip and clean burn. They come in set of 3. These vibrant dinner candles are perfect for adding a touch of colour to your home to keep it bright during these winter months whilst also making the atmosphere of your home warm and cosy. Each pair of these dinner candles have been hand dipped in white wax and then over-dipped with a colourful coating of wax and we have available red candles, orange candles, yellow candles, blue candles, green candles and purple candles.

These candles are non-drip so will burn very clean and are unscented. They will fit most standard sized candle holders and measure 21cm tall and 2cm wide. Their burn time is approximately 8 hours per candle.

Size: Height 21cm x Width 2cm

Please follow all fire safety precautions when using these candles. Never leaves lit candles unattended for any length of time. Place on heatproof surfaces and in secure candle holders. Keep away from flammable objects such as walls, doors and curtains. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If flame becomes too large, extinguish which a damp cloth.

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