Sustainable Wood Soap Holder - Eco Wooden Soap Dish
Natural wooden soap dish, soap holder and soap drying tray made from eco friendly and sustainably sourced hemu wood from the guger tree. These eco soap dishes are made from high quality hemu wood which has a wonderful rich colour and dries very fast, helping to ensure that your soap dries more quickly to extend the life of your soap bars, this allows you to use your bars of soap for longer, saving money and helping reduce waste and consumption, which is great for the environment! The soap holder has a grooved design with small raised ridges all along the wood, this helps to allow the water to run off your bar of soap and drain away along the grooves, keeping your soap nice and dry and preventing it from turning into mush.

This soap tray is an absolute must for any zero waste and sustainable bathroom and is an easy way to taking your first small step to living a more eco friendly lifestyle. The wood will last you for a very long time and looks great amongst any kind of home decor, so will fit right in. The soap dish can also be used to hold shampoo bars too!

Size: 10cm x 7cm x 2cm

Price is for a single soap dish.

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