Hand carved coconut shell bowls which make the most wonderful breakfast bowls and cereal bowls, accompanied by a spoon made from coconut wood. This coconut bowl and spoon set is completely biodegradable at the end of life and has been hand carved from eco friendly and sustainably grown coconut shells and coconut wood. The coconut bowls have been carved from half a coconut shell and polished for a clean finish; all of the beautiful natural colours, swirls and imperfections of the coconut shell have been captured in these bowls. The spoons are really great too as they also have the fantastic grains and colours of the wood running through them.

These coconut shell bowls makes wonderful breakfast bowls for filling up with cereals or yogurt and mixed fruits and berries too but can equally be used for salads and smaller meals at lunchtime or for soups and broths at dinner time. These bowls really are wonderful and very unique and are sure to be a hit in your home!

All of the coconut shells and wood have been sourced from small family owned farms who are deeply committed to sustainability. The shells used for these bowls are waste products from coconuts harvested for other uses.

Please wash before use.
Hand wash these bowls only.

Please note that due to the natural shape of some of the coconut shells used to make these bowls, some of the bowls bases aren't flat and therefore move around a little and might not be suitable for use for children.

Due to the naturally occurring differences in size, shape and colour between coconuts, each bowls will be different and will vary slightly compared to the photos shown.

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