Organic bamboo cotton buds, packaged in a rustic glass jar with a lovely cork lid. These eco friendly, all natural and biodegradable ear buds are perfect for use in your bathroom, they have been made from all organic bamboo wood that has come from small family owned growers with soft organic cotton used for the tips. You will get 50 cotton buds per jar. The natural colours of the bamboo wood run through these lovely cotton buds, making them really natural looking and much more attractive than plastic cotton buds. The glass jar makes for a wonderful and tidy presentation, actually adding something to your bathroom as well as being useful.

The best benefit of the rustic glass jar is that you can easily keep the cotton buds tidy, you can add the cork stopper to keep them secure and it looks lovely with the natural hessian bow at the front. The glass jar also allows you to refill it easily when you buy more cotton buds (you can then just buy a refill from us and keep using the same jar!)

Using these bamboo cotton buds will help to reduce plastic waste and damage to the environment, helping conserve our planet.

50 cotton buds per bottle.

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