Large succulent and cactus candles in white ceramic pots, available in 3 unique styles and sure to brighten up and add a striking detail to any home. These unique cactus candles are handmade from wax and molded by hand into these beautiful succulent and cactus designs, completed with a cotton wick. These candles make wonderful and quirky decorations for shelves, mantlepieces and any other spaces around the home that could use some lightening up. These cactus candles really are super realistic and look just like the real thing, especially with the faux soil detailing underneath each candle.

These large cacti candles come in white ceramic pots and are available in 3 styles, one a deep purple colour with smooth and rounded leaves, another more spiky and cactus shaped green succulent with purple edges and another green cactus with longer and thinner rounded leaves. These candles make wonderful gifts.

Size 8.5cm x 8.5cm approx

These candles make wonderful decorations but can be burnt as well, they burn safely inside their pots.

Please note that there may be slight variations in design and size due to the handmade nature of these candles.

Please follow all fire safety precautions when burning candles. Never leave lit candles unattended for any length of time. Do not burn near flammable objects such as walls, doors or curtains. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If flame becomes too large, extinguish with a damp cloth.

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