Hand carved clear selenite crystal towers, hand crafted from naturally occurring crystals in the rural mountains on Mexico. These selenite crystal towers make superb and extremely unique decorations which will flood your home with positive energy, selenite crystals are believed to be positive for mental health, bringing peace and harmony, cleansing negativity and promoting purity and emotional well being. The transparent crystal towers are very striking and look absolutely incredible when you pay attention to all of the hand carved details, particularly the beautiful spiral design. They make wonderful centrepieces for a table and will bring light to any corner of your home.

Selenite is a fantastic crystal to be used as an ornament or during meditation as it allows clarity of the mind and is said to instills feelings of deep peace and harmony.

Each of these Selenite towers is formed by nature so is completely unique.

Sizes of each design vary and you can see the measurements of each when you make your selection.

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