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These beautiful ying yang crystal tealight holders are handmade from selenite which is a kind of translucent crystal which allows the flame of the candle to flicker slightly through the walls of the candle holder, which looks absolutely gorgeous & allows the flickers of the flames to dance over the smooth crystal. The edges of the candle holders are rough which is a natural feature of selenite and really adds texture & character to these lovely tealight holders.

The powerful healing and calming properties of selenite are sure to bring a wonderfully calming atmosphere to your home as well as plenty of positive vibes to relax you and bring a sense of calm to your living space.

Selenite Candle Holders are shiny and sometimes with whiter areas. The top of each candle holder is polished to give it a high quality finish and the underside is cut flat so it sits nicely and evenly on any surface.

Benefits: It is generally accepted that Selenite is one of the most powerful crystals for healing. Also it is connecting to the third eye, crown and etheric chakras. Some say it promotes purity and even honesty. It is said it forces the person holding it to be honest with themselves.

Size: width 10cm, Length 8cm, Height 4cm

Due to the nature of the item and its manufacturing process the designs may vary from the image shown.

Always place on a heatproof matt and well away from any flammable substances such as curtains, walls or any other objects. Please always keep out of reach and well away from children and pets and never leave unattended for any period of time when lit. Always use good quality tealights. If flame ever becomes dangerous, please extinguish with a damp cloth.

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