These gorgeous scented soy wax melts are made using high quality pure aromatherapy essential oils which are the perfect way to help you kick back and relax after a stressful day. These wax melts come in sets of 10 per bag and are made using high quality ingredients and have a wonderful scent level due to the soy wax. They come in a variety of different scents and all of which will fill your home with the most beautiful & calming smells.

Available in 4 scents:
- Ylang ylang & orange
- Peppermint & Eucalyptus
- Lavender & Rosemary
- Ginger & clove

The wax melts are made into mini heart shapes which look really lovely and make really cute gifts too. The wax melts come in a lovely natural & fully biodegradable too, they really do make lovely gifts in these great looking bags. (See the bags pictured).

The bags really finish the whole handmade and natural theme. If you are looking for a wax burner to use these melts with then please do check out our shop as we have plenty in stock! Please always follow fire safety precautions when using wax melts such as keeping burners away from flammable surfaces, keeping burners on a heat proof matt.

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