Rich Amber Incense Sticks - Amber Scented Incense - Sustainable Bamboo Incense
Eco friendly hand rolled amber scent incense sticks, available to buy in sets of 10 sticks, 20 sticks or 30 sticks. The amber scent has been long used throughout history for spiritual and religious practices, as well as to help bring about calm and peace, the scent was traditionally derived from plant resin or ambergris, however, in modern times, the scent is made from a unique mixture of ingredients, with the primary one being resin from the labdanum plant. Amber is a musky, rich and spice driven scent, with tones of vanilla and patchouli in there as well. Our handmade amber incense sticks are made from a blend of natural extracts and essential oils, which are then coated onto organic bamboo sticks.

The organic bamboo is both sustainable and provides a clean burn whilst the natural ingredients provide a higher fragrance level, as well as a much better and more realistic scent, combined with a cleaner smell and clean burn. This incense is great for practicing mindfulness and to reduce anxiety.

Each stick measures 25cm approx.

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