Orange Halloween Water Bottle with Ghosts, Spider Webs, Cauldrons - Reusable Water Bottles
Reusable and sustainable metal water bottle in a Halloween orange colour with stencil details of black bat wings, white ghosts, black witches cauldrons, potion bottles, crosses and pentagrams on the bottle. This eco friendly and plastic free metal drinking bottle comes with a screw top lid, as well as a metal clip for attaching your bottle to your belt or bike and taking on the go with you. These bottles are perfect for every day use and are wonderful gifts for people who like to run and exercise.

The Halloween print on this bottle is vintage inspired style and features the words 'bat wings potion. Keep chilled. Best served at midnight' on it. It's a fun and quirky Halloween design and makes a lovely gift. The bottle has a capacity of 500ml.

If your goal in 2022 is to drink more water, but you don’t want to add to the plastic pollution problem, a reusable water bottle is an ideal solution. Our plastic problem has hit a tipping point, and while we are getting better at recycling, single-use plastics are still an issue. This plastic free reusable water bottle is the perfect solution and a way to live a more sustainable and earth friendly life!

Size: H21cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm

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