Peach and Mango Incense Sticks - Fruity Scented Incense - Hand Rolled Incense
Hand rolled artisan made peach and mango scent incense sticks made from a blend of natural mango and peach extracts, pure essential oils and organic bamboo. These mango and peach incense sticks are made from all natural ingredients and are hand rolled onto organic bamboo sticks, sourced from small sustainable forests, sot hat you can be sure these incense sticks are eco friendly and sustainably made too. The scent levels of this peach and mango stick incense is really good and they smell fresh and summery, filling your home with the beautiful scents of the tropics!

This incense is a really great quality and has all been made from the finest blend of natural ingredients. The incense is available to buy in sets of 10 sticks, 20 sticks or 30 sticks.

Each incense stick measures approx 25cm in length.

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