All natural cotton wheat bag heat pads / cold packs made from organic wheat, both reusable and microwaveable and these wheat bags help to relieve aches and pains including arthritic pain, cramps and joint pain; they can also be used as hand and feet warmed in the winter (they're great for keeping on your feet in bed when warmed up). These wheat bags are soaked in all natural lavender essential oils which gives them the healing and relaxing properties that lavender brings and helps to soothe and relax you, as well as warm you and ease your pains. These make a wonderful natural remedy and are a wonderful and safe alternative to hot water bottles too.

These heat packs / chill pads are perfect for using to relax yourself and can be used either hot or cold, the soothing lavender scent from the lavender soaked wheat inside will have you feeling laid back and soothed in no time! These wheat bags are made from cotton and each one comes in a wonderful and colourful print with a strap on each end of the bag so that you can hold onto them wrapped around your neck or joints.

Each natural heat pack comes in a lovely Kraft gift box which makes them perfect and thoughtful gifts too.

Size: 40cm x 12.5cm x 4.5cm

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