Melted Glass Wine Decanter - Red Wine Decanter - Molten Glass Wine Decanter

What better way to enjoy your red wine than with our molten glass wine decanter? This melted glass wine decanter sits on a wood base and features a sleek swan like glass neck, with a lid on top. This wine decanter has a 1 litre capacity.

The glass is hand melted to fit exactly to the shape of the wood beneath, allowing it to sit perfectly on top of the rich Gamal wood base. 

Not only is this a lovely piece of rustic home decor, but it is also a perfect gift for wine lovers!

Size: 39cm x 26cm x 20cm

1 litre capacity.

Due to variations in the wood sizes and shapes, the nature of melting the glass by hand and the fact this product is handmade by artisans, slight variations may occur in the shape of the glass, as well as colour and shape of the wood. There will also be small air bubbles present in the glass due to the melting process.

The size of the wooden stand varies.

Other items in the images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the decanter.

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