Exquisite handcrafted yoga and spiritual metal gongs in hand carved wooden frames, made in Bali and Java by small family artisans. These highly spiritual and relaxing metal gongs are large in size and are completely handmade from top the bottom using traditional techniques that have been used to create these magnificent healing gongs all over Asia for hundreds of years. These rustic antique style metal gongs make a beautiful and unique piece of art for your home, as well as having the added benefit of creating relaxing sounds to put you at ease and cleanse your home of negative energy.

The larger sized gongs really are quite impressive in size so please do check the video here on this page to get the full impression of just how large and breathtaking they are!

These traditional gongs hang from beautifully ornate hand carved wooden frames which include really gorgeous dragon designs on the top of the frame. Each gong comes with a large 'hammer' to bang the gong with to create the wonderful sounds these gongs are so well known for. These gongs are a perfect yoga aid and it is widely believed that these gongs not only cleanse the area of negativity, but that the positive vibrations from the sounds balance the chakra of the body and relax you.

These gongs are traditionally used in Bali and Java in temple ceremonies, but these days also used in Yoga studios.

Handmade in Bali by highly skilled artisans.

Musical, mystical and decorative.


Large Gongs:
Gong: D: 80cm H;17cm
Stand: H:130cm L:123cm
Dragon on top of the stand: 1 metre
Gong Weight: 9kg
Mallet: 12cm
Total Weight: 16kg

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