Cheese Board with Wire & Mouse - Cheese Serving Board with Cheese Cutter
Handmade pine wood cheese serving board and cheese cutting board with wire and a decorative wooden mouse. This wooden cheese display board is perfect for serving some slices of your favourite cheese at parties such as weddings, birthdays, dinners with guests or to give as a gift for house warmings! These cheese boards are in the design of a piece of swiss style cheese with holes in it (but the holes are only darker rings painted onto the wood. The wood has a lovely light and natural colour to it and the rings are added in a darker brown paint to add some character. The board also has the word 'cheese' painted on it.

This display cheese board features a cheese wire with an adorable mouse handle, although this is mostly for show and decoration rather than practical use. The cheese board has a line running down the centre so that you can evenly cut a piece of cheese on it using the line as guidance to cut a perfect slice! The cheese board has a very vintage European deli style to it.

*Please note that we are selling this cheese board as a presentation board to serve cheese on rather than cut it on.

Size: 18cm x 16cm x 4.5cm

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