Gold Tealight Set of 4 - Tiger Design Candle Set - Metallic Golden Candles - Animal Candles

Gift set of 4 golden tiger shaped tealight candles in silver tin containers. These tiger design votive candles are shaped like sitting tigers and are glazed in a beautiful shiny metallic golden wax. The tigers are sitting up with their front legs extended and the candle wick comes out of each tigers back just behind the head. The detailing of the tigers stripes have been engraved into each one of the candles too so you can make out the unique markings of each tiger. These tealights are very unique and are sure to add a wonderful bit of character and colour to your home, fitting in really well with both modern and rustic home decor. These candles can be burned as with any other candles however, we recommend keeping them as decorative candles as they really are so very pretty!

Each tealight candle is set securely within a tin container to keep the candle contained and safe when burning, as with any other tealight. The burn time of each of these tigress candles is between 3 to 5 hours should you decide to burn them and you will get 4 in the pack.

Measurements: 18cm x 6cm 4.5cm

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