Eco Friendly Sandalwood Incense - Aromatherapy Incense Sandalwood Incense Sticks in Sustainable Bamboo
These hand rolled and all natural incense sticks are sandalwood scented and fill your home with the deep woody aroma of sandalwood. This premium sandalwood scented incense is all hand rolled and has been made using only sustainably sourced and organic grown bamboo wood for each incense stick. Containing only all sustainable and natural ingredients, this richly scented sandalwood stick incense makes for a wonderful home scent when burnt and will fill your home with a very woody and musky scent.

Sandalwood has a very rich smell and is very calming, so often used across the world for meditation and even prayer. The woody scent of the sandalwood will flow through your home and leave it smelling refreshed and lovely. The rich notes of sandalwood which often include woody, musky, floral & sweet tones make it perfect for use in many perfumes.

People believe that sandalwood incense is good for clearing the area of bad energy and for encouraging a more calming atmosphere and that it helps aid sleep and increases positive thinking, because of these beliefs, sandalwood is widely used for meditation.

Each stick measures 25cm approx

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