Eco Friendly Coconut Shell Bowls & Wooden Spoons with Geometric Pattern
Handmade and completely natural and sustainable dinnerware bowls set hand carved and made from natural coconut shells which have been polished and finished with a hand carved geometric design (a ring all the way around the coconut shell bowl and has arrow design lines running through it like chevrons) as well as an upcycled wooden spoon which is a perfect pairing with the bowls. You can buy either a single bowl with a spoon or a pair of bowls and 2 spoons.

The coconut bowls are really smooth and the natural shades of the coconut shells are really beautiful. These bowls are also very lightweight! The bowl's geometric design forms a ring all the way around the coconut shell bowl with arrow design lines running through it like chevrons.

They make a perfect eco friendly dinner set, are all natural and 100% handmade down to every detail and are made exclusively from organic and natural materials. The bowls and spoons are certified food safe according to EU & UK law. Only natural coconut oil is used to protect our bowls, no chemicals and no pesticides when growing the coconuts. The bowls have hand carved geometric patterns on the side of the bowls which add to their beauty.

These eco dining sets are sure to look wonderful in your home, adding a natural and rustic touch and a bit of character to your kitchen or dining table. The dinner sets make for a wonderful step to living a more sustainable and thoughtful lifestyle and they really do look great! One thing is for sure, nobody will have the same dinner sets as you! The hand carved geometric prints on the coconut shell bowls look so lovely and the polished finish on the inside of the bowls is so smooth and shows off the beautiful colours of the coconut too.

Bowl Dimensions: 13-15cm (Width), 7-9cm (Height)
Spoon Dimensions: 19cm (Length), 3.5cm (Width)

Care & Usage

Our coconut bowls are extremely durable and long-lasting, they have been treated with natural coconut oil which gives them extra protection. If you take care of your bowls, then they can last for years. To clean them, simply wash using cool or luke warm soapy water, just like you would a normal bowl! Never leave the bowls to soak.

Please note that our bowls are not dishwasher safe and not suitable for piping hot food.

Please note that sizes and shapes of the bowls may vary as they are made from hollowed out coconut shells. Please be careful not to use your coconut bowls with piping hot food, and when washing and cleaning them, do so with cool water.

Please note - some bowls shown in photo 2 are for illustrative purposes only and are not the bowls on sale.

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