Eco Friendly Cedar Wood Ring Disc Moth Repellents - Mould and Mildew Repellent
All natural cedarwood moth repellent discs that fit onto hangers and help repel moths whilst also preventing build up of mould and mildew in your wardrobes, drawers and clothing. These anti-moth, anti-mould and anti-mildew cedar wood discs smell absolutely wonderful with the natural woody scent of the red cedar wood they are made from making your drawers and wardrobes smell fresh and clean whilst keeping moths away! They have perfectly sized holes in the centre of the cedar rings so they easily slide onto the top of your hangers to keep your clothes fresh whilst they hang. You can also keep them inside the clothes pockets and inside drawers.

These cedar discs are one of the most eco friendly and sustainable ways to keep your clothes safe and fresh. Cedar wood has been used for centuries to keeps clothes and blankets safe from moths and mould and are one of the most natural methods of doing so - far superior to the horrible plastic repellents we have become used to with their chemical smells. These cedar discs provide a much more natural and clean alternative.

These moth repellent discs are made from 100% sustainably sourced red cedar wood and are completely compostable and biodegradable so great for you & for our planet too! Once they have lost their wonderful scent over time, simply sand them down a little and the scent should return. After 6 to 12 months you can replace your moth balls accordingly. They are 100% compostable so there's no need to worry!


1) Hanging garments - Place one cedar disc into the pocket of each garment or place it easily on the hook of the hanger.

2) Drawers & folded clothing - Place one disc between alternate layers of the garments.

3) White & delicate garments - Place a layer of tissue between the discs and fabric to prevent contact.

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