Driftwood Hanging Bee Hotel / Insect Box / Bug Box - Recycled Wood Insect Box For Garden - Garden Decor

Rustic handmade wooden insect hotels and bug houses, made from 100% sustainably sourced, upcycled driftwood and built in the shape of a house for the bugs and bees to enjoy! These wooden insect hotels will have give your garden creepy crawlies a warm and cosy place to shelter from the weather, giving them a safe home in your garden and encouraging them to your garden as well. These insect houses have multiple different sections, each of which will attract and provide homes for different bugs, the longer wooden tubes with smaller holes make great nesting places for insects with longer wings and bodies, whilst the larger compartments make great places for woodlice and beetles. The other compartments are ideal for bees to nest safely from the weather and can attract ladybirds and lacewings as well, so you should have a lovely variety of insects visiting your garden and making it their home!

These wooden insect houses and bug shelters are such a natural way to easily make a safe place for wildlife to thrive in your garden, no matter how urban it is, the design also allows it to easily fit well into more rural gardens. These insect hotels are wonderful if you have children as they can watch all of the bugs that nest there. It also provides a perfect experience for them to learn about wildlife and what types of insects they have in their garden!

Handmade using recycled driftwood and albasia wood.
Insects will also be useful guests in the garden, they will help your garden bloom and make a perfect gift for gardeners and nature lovers.

Sizes: 38cm or 22cm

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