Hand rolled dragon's blood scent incense sticks, made from organic bamboo sticks which have been coated in a mixture of pure essential oils and natural extracts for a beautiful fragrance and a high scent level. Dragon's blood scent is made from a blend of patchouli, vanilla, amber alongside citrus and floral extracts such as rose and jasmine - it is a very rich scent, less musky than amber and less sweet, with more of a refreshing and light smell to it. It's a really calming and refreshing scent, which will fill your home with the clean smells of jasmine, rose and vanilla, as well as the lovely hint of citrus.

These handmade incense sticks have all been made from organic bamboo, sourced from sustainable growers who are committed to protecting our planet. The sticks are then coated in a wonderful and all natural blend of essential oils and natural extracts to provide a beautiful fragrance with a good scent level.

These incense sticks are perfect for building a calming atmosphere. Dragon's blood has traditionally been used for banishing bad energy, it has been used for protection and also for healing so it's a great incense to burn to reduce anxiety too.

Each incense stick measure approx 25cm.

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