Total detox pure essential oil bath salts made from all natural ingredients to allow you to relax and give your body and mind a full detox and refresh. Made with the beautiful scents of May Chang, Tea Tree & Juniper, these natural homemade bathsalts are designed to give your body and mind a full detox and wind down and help you to let go of any stresses, worries and pains that you ate currently experiencing. When you take an aromatic bath with these bath salts, we want you to know you'll be leaving the bath a different person than when you entered, feeling freer and fresher and with less of life's baggage holding you down.

This aromatherapy bath potion is made with an artful blend of pure essential oils and sea salt.

They are the perfect gift to give to your loved ones or to treat yourself. This bath potion will relax your body, energise and clear your mind and is good for your skin too!

For 12 baths, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it, and not the mini hessian bags.

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