These eucalyptus scented bath salts make the perfect home remedy to treat cold and flu with. Simply add some of this bath salt to your warm bath, relax and soak in and let the salts work their magic to heal you and get you back to being fighting fit! These bath salts have been handmade using the highest quality natural essential oils and natural healing sea salt.

The salts contain a mixture of eucalyptus for promoting your healing process with its natural antimicrobial and antiviral properties (it also is great for clearing your nasal passages), ginger for its healing properties that help reduce inflammation and numb pain, as well as it's antibacterial properties & blackpepper to alleviate your cold symptoms such as congested nasal passages, boost immunity and reduce inflammation.

These gorgeously scented and very effective bath salts will reduce and fight off your cold and flu symptoms and have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed in no time!

For 12 bags, the bath salts will come in a large & attractive kraft bag with a small window in it. 

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