All natural coconut scented incense sticks, made from the finest blend of natural ingredients and essential oils, as well as real coconut extracts, expertly hand rolled and set onto organic bamboo sticks for a clean burn. These tropical coconut scented incense sticks smell so refreshing and will bring the smell of summer into your home or garden, perfect for lighting on a warm spring or summer's evening. The incense has a very fresh and light scent and really does smell just like coconuts, bringing all the warmth of a tropical beach to your home.

These natural incense sticks are vegan friendly and have been made from sustainably sourced bamboo wood. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials around as it grows very quickly, does not require fertilisers or pesticides and hardly takes any water to grow, so you can enjoy your incense knowing you've also been kind to the planet through this purchase.

Each bamboo stick measures approx 25cm.

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