These beautiful natural coconut lamps are handmade in Bali using upcycled coconut leaves as the wrapover and naturally grown, sustainably sourced cotton for the shade, they are designed by our Tiny Stall team and handmade by the family using traditional tribal techniques. They make really gorgeous bedside lamps, table top lamps or desk lights and are both decorative and functional as lamps. They are really well made lamps and are sure to last you well. The colours of the coconut are absolutely wonderful & the cotton and coconut together make these lamps so natural & very unique! The lamps have legs on them which make them very sturdy and stable.

These lamps are made from a special type of coconut leaf which can be bent into shapes when heated. The shade is made from cotton ball formed into shapes. Since they are handmade shapes and sizes vary slightly, every piece is unique.

These lamps are simple yet look luxurious and will be a perfect addition to any home, as they really do look fantastic even when not in use.

Each Natural Coconut Lamp comes well packed completed with light fitting, LED bulb & plug. LED bulb uses 90% less energy compared with incandescent, so you're also helping our environment!

Size: 22cm x 30cm x 15cm

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