Cast Iron Bird Bath - Metal Bird Feeder

This gorgeous bronze coloured cast iron bird feeder makes a wonderful addition to any garden and looks rustic and very sweet. The bird feeder is in the design of a bowl which has a kind of turtle shell design with ridges and a beautiful scalloped edge. The bird feeder can also be used as a small bird bath if you choose to use it as a bath for your birds, it is small but the perfect shape for little birds to come and enjoy a lovely soak.

Style 1 - The bird feeder is mounted on a small pedestal and is perfect for setting down in a flower bed, gravel bed or on your grass in a natural setting for the birds. The cast iron feeder is made from heavy cast iron which makes it secure and means it will never fall over in wind. The bird feeder featured two very sweet birds perching on either end of the bowl to watch over your garden birds and they make this feeder look very pretty! Please note that a screwdriver is required for this item, all you need to do is attached each bird and the pedestal with one screw each (which are provided), it's very easy!

Style 2 - The feeder is a leaf design, completed with ridges to provide some extra details. A bird perches over the edge of the leaf to watch over your garden birds as they eat. The lead has a stem and stands securely on 3 small feet on the underside. It will fit in beautifully in any garden.

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