Bamboo Watering Can with Green Terrazzo Design - Houseplant Water Jug
Sage green colour terrazzo effect mini watering can, made from eco friendly bamboo wood which has been sourced from sustainable forests. This beautiful and contemporary watering jug is perfect for use watering small pots in the garden or houseplants in your home, this jug shaped watering can also makes a lovely statement piece of home decor when not in use, so can be left out next to your houseplants to bring some of its terrazzo charm to your home. The water jug comes in a lovely sage green colour with specks of light greys and cream coloured terrazzo patterning on it, which makes it look modern and charming. It's a wonderful little watering cup which will look lovely even when not in use!

The watering can and water jug comes in a wonderful and unique shape as well, with the jug forming a large curve from handle to spout. The handle and jug are tiled to an angle which makes it very unique, the jug has a long and thick handle for easy holding and the jug naturally curves from the handle into a wide spout - the shape of this watering jug really is both unique and lovely to look at.

Size of this watering can & watering jug is approx 14.7cm x 14.46cm x 8cm

Holds approx 250ml.

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