3 Pure Felted Wool Tumblr Dryer Balls - Natural Eco Friendly Dryer Balls
Set of 3 handmade and reusable eco friendly natural wool dryer balls to help speed up your tumble drying! These 100% felted wool dryer balls will help to speed up the drying time for your washing as it spins in your tumble dryer, they do this by helping to spread out and separate the laundry as they bounce around the machine, they help to soak up moisture from the clothes, evenly spread out the heat so some clothes aren't dry and some still soaked and will even help prevent a build up of static electricity. Being made completely from natural felted wool, these wool dryer balls are compostable and biodegradable as well as being reusable. You will get quite a lot of use out of these wool balls before they start to wear. Simply add these natural wool dryer balls to your wash and run your cycle as normal.

They will help to save you money and are energy saving as they improve efficiency of your tumble dryer, meaning you can run shorter cycles on lower heats. They can help to reduce drying times by up to 30% depending on the washing and are all natural and completely zero waste and plastic free. They also help to reduce wrinkles and creases as they spread out the clothes instead of allowing them to stick in a clump within the dryer, this helps reduce your ironing time too!

We recommend using 3 laundry dryer balls per 1-2kg loads of clothes / drying.

- Reusable, you'll get lots of use before they wear (up to 1000 drying cycles!)
- All natural and compostable / biodegradable.
- Improve drying times and efficiency, helping save you time and money on your energy bills.
- 100% plastic free and zero waste.
- Prevents static build up.
- Improves air flow during drying.
- Helps reduce creases and wrinkled by separating clothes during spins - reducing ironing time!
- Sustainable and natural alternatives to traditional dryer sheets.

You can store your balls in the dryer between cycles.

You can scent your wool dryer balls using a few drops of natural essential oils if you want to add a light scent to your drying, add a couple of drops of essential oil the day before you are drying and let the scent soak into the balls. When you use them the next day, you will smell the soft scents of the essential oils in your washing. Just be sure to be careful which essential oils to use, you don't want to spoil your washing!

Size: 7cm diameter per ball approx
Circumference 23cm approx

Unharmful for the environment and made from 100% wool, you can have peace of mind when using these balls. Not only are you contributing by using natural resources but you’re helping you and your family have healthy skin. There are no harmful substances in the balls helping to protect sensitive skin and family members with allergies.

Please note that dishcloth used in photos is for photos only and does not come included with these dryer balls.

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