Wood Garden Butterfly House - Wooden Insect Hotel
This butterfly house is the perfect way to welcome colourful and beautiful winged friends to your garden this summer! This wooden butterfly hotel has natural wood colours of the plywood running through it with a contrasting teal coloured roof and base, the base has a small platform on it for the butterflies to land and it has a reservoir on it, which enables you to place small pieces of fruit and sugar water in it to attract the butterflies and entice them inside! The front of the butterfly hotel has 4 long slots in it which allows the butterflies to come in and out with ease and these slots are perfectly shaped for the butterflies. The narrow slots also prevent birds from being able to get their beaks inside to eat the butterflies.

This natural butterfly shelter makes a wonderful addition to your garden and is sure to make your garden a more welcoming and colourful place once it starts to house some beautiful butterflies! The butterfly shelter is also eco friendly as it is made from 100% FSC certified plywood.

Size: H:23cm X W:12cm X D:16cm

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