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These handmade & upcycled contemporary and cool hydroponic planter pots are super unique and make such an interesting focal point in any home or office space. They are so lovely to look at and help to purify the air in your home. Each planter is made from recycled wood, glass & iron and make such great minimalistic and modern looking planters - they're perfect for using as plant pots, vases and table top decorations. They are great for office spaces too and will help brighten your day at work. They come in a variety of different styles, each with its own unique charm. Our team at the Tiny Stall have carefully selected the colours and designs of these hydroponic planters to give you a variety to choose from!

They are all set in either recycled iron or recycled wood frames and have lab style test tubes and cylinders to house your plants in! The iron and industrial wood styles with the lab pots really do make them look modern and really fresh. Seeing the greenery and all the plant roots and shoots in the water makes any space look very clean and fresh too & looks far less clunky than potted plants.

They are great for those who love minimalist style whilst also adding a bit of excitement and decoration to your home decor.

Made from recycled metal, glass and wood they will be an amazing addition to any home, kitchen, bedroom or office.

Please note that plants are not included.


Wire Cactus - 15.5x7.8x20 cm

Green Cactus - 15x14x6 cm

Pink Flamingo - 15x14x6 cm

Pineapple - 15x14x6 cm

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