Sustainable Bamboo Witches Kitchen Chopping Board
Sustainable bamboo wood chopping board and cheeseboard, made from eco friendly bamboo wood, sourced from responsible growers who replenish their forests. This witchy wooden cheeseboard features an engraved bubbling cauldron design in the centre of the board and the words 'kitchen witch' underneath, making this board a cute and quirky addition to any kitchen. Not only is this bamboo cheeseboard and cutting board wonderful for chopping up herbs and spell ingredients, but it makes a fabulous presentation board for cheeses and charcuterie as well as a very useful chopping and cutting board.

The beautiful shades and textures of the natural bamboo wood run through this board, making it really rustic and charming to look at. As well as the engraved details of the cauldron, herb leaves and the words 'kitchen witch', the board features a handle at the top with a hole in the centre to allow you to easily hang the board from the wall.

This board is great for practical use but is so lovely, it also makes a lovely kitchen decoration even when not in use!

Size: 46cm x 19cm x 1.4cm

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