Intricately hand woven rugs made from eco friendly and sustainably sourced sea grass which make for a unique and rustic rug, stunningly beautiful and good for the planet too! These accent rugs will add a touch of rustic style and charm to any home, with their wonderful geometric patterns created in the hand woven fabric. Sea grass is not only 100% natural but it is very hardy and so these rugs should stand the test of time very well and be able to take wear and tear better than other types of rug.

Sea grass rugs are rapidly becoming more popular thanks to their natural beauty, long lasting durability, rich texture and eco friendly qualities. These rugs have all bee lovingly handwoven by small family owned artisan workshops in Indonesia, where people have perfected this craft over many decades.

Add a bit of exotic and natural look to your coffee table or plant stand, these rugs will bring an instant comfort and rustic atmosphere to your home and their neutral colours will fit any style.

They require the same maintenance as most carpets do. They tend to be more resistant to stains and spills - an ideal attribute for pet lovers.

White & Tan Sun Rug - 1 metre
Tan Inner Sun Rug - 1 metre
Black & Tan Circe Rug - 1 metre
Black Inner Sun Rug - 1 metre
White & Tan Classic Rug - 120cm x 60cm
Black, White & Tan Rug - 120cm x 60cm

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