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These gorgeous shower soufflés are the perfect way to pamper yourself and your skin, these unique shower soufflés are foamy creams that have been developed to be used for every day care for your skin. Made from all natural ingredients, they will leave your skin cleansed, moisturised and hydrated and ensure that your skin stays healthy and glows. These foams gently cleans, massages and tones your skin and has been developed to suit all skin types. The foams have a wonderful and unique creamy and airy texture that makes them feel wonderful to the touch and will melt right into your skin to soften and condition it from top to toe! Once you have seen the results for yourself, these shower foams are sure to become a staple of your self care routine in no time!

These shower soufflés are fast and very easy to apply after a shower and makes a perfect self care gift for you or a loved one.

Apply foam with fingertips to wet skin and gently massage the foam into the skin, once applied, then wash it off with warm water. Do not apply to any damaged or irritated areas of your skin.

We offer a great selection of herbal, sweet and fruity fragrances that will leave your skin beautifully scented and feeling velvety smooth and comfortable, without greasy residue.

Each shower souffle weighs 160 grams and comes in a lovely little tin.

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