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This cute upcycled pink flamingo hydroponic indoor planter is so pretty and modern and will uplift any home or working space with a touch of colour & greenery! You can plant small plants in those round laboratory tubes, set in iron and wooden industrial frames. Our team here at the Tiny Stall has carefully chosen the design and styles of these hydroponic planters to offer you a selection to choose from!

This minimalist style plant pot is made from recycled iron and glass and features a pink flamingo stand with a lab style tube for you to 'plant' your greenery in.

The water only features of any hydroponic planter makes them look so clean and fresh (& modern!) and they really do liven up and refresh any space. The pink adds such a lovely pop of colour too, they look great on desks, shelves and end tables.

Made of recycled metal, glass and wood they will be an amazing addition to any home, kitchen, bedroom or office. They are available in 3 different styles.

Style 1: 8x13x20 (cm)
Style 2: 8x16x16 (cm)
Style 3: 8x15x22 (cm)

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