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This beautiful handmade macrame wall art features a unique tree of life design. This handmade macrame wall art is high quality and is built to last, it makes a wonderful piece of wall art to hang in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, office space or bathroom. This soft crochet macrame wall hanging has been lovingly made by hand and features intricate details. The tree of life symbolises the immortality of the soul and rebirth of our souls and energy. It's a beautiful concept that has roots across many cultures and belief systems throughout the world.

This macrame wall hanging features an outer circular ring which has fabric weaved around it, within this circle is the tree of life design with great attention paid do the details. The branches, leaves, roots and trunk of the tree have been crocheted across the circle and they look really pretty. The fabric used to create the roots hangs down from the bottom of the outer circle and hangs below, finishing off this piece of macrame art beautifully.

Made of polyester. Total height including hanger is 72cm. This macrame hangs easily from a single nail or hook.

Measurements: 62cm x 23cm x 2cm

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