Jade Oil Burner - Jade Blue Sitting Buddha

This pretty jade sitting Buddha wax burner & oil burner is a fantastic little burner and doubles up as an extremely pretty ornament too! It's bound to bring a sense of complete calm and zen to your home with the calming influencer of the Buddha emanating through your home, all the while the burner fills your home with relaxing and refreshing scents too. The Buddha is made from ceramic and finished with a glazed coating which makes it sleek & silky and also very easy to clean and care for.

The coating really does give the burner a wonderful high quality finish. For use with fragrance oils, simply place tea light candle in the base and few drops of fragrance oil in the bowl. It also makes a very attractive decoration in any room. Oil burners are also great to use with fragrance salts and wax melts.

Size: 8x8.5x14cm

Please note this is a mini burner so please do use smaller tealights when possible & try to avoid burning it for too long.

Always place the oil burner on a heatproof mat. Use good quality, small tealights. Never leave unattended when lit, and keep away from walls, curtains & other flammable objects. If flame becomes dangerous extinguish with a damp cloth. Keep out of reach of children & pets.

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