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Our selection of hand carved Himalayan salt crystal tealight holders are so pretty and make really unique crystal candle holders. They are sure to brighten up the feel of your home with their warm energy and glow. These tealight holders are made from 100% naturally occurring Himalayan salt crystal and will help to create a calming and zen atmosphere in your home. They look so beautiful when the tealight is burning inside them and you can see the flame dancing across the warm orange / pink surfaces of the crystal. We have a heart shaped crystal candle holder, a star shaped crystal candle holder & sphere shape crystal candle holder.

These crystal candle holders are all made from 100% Himalayan salt crystals which are perfect for purifying and soothing the air in your home. Our team here at the Tiny Stall has carefully chosen the design and style of these tealight holders. Himalayan salt is a natural purifier and absorbs nasty toxins and pollutants from the air, as well as attracting moisture. Himalayan salt also has other benefits such as aiding sleep, improving mood and removing allergens from the air.

Each tealight holder is completely unique as no two formations of the himalayan salt crystals are the same, each has its own chips, veins, shape and colourations that make them very special. They also differ slightly in size as these are naturally occurring crystals.

They make absolutely gorgeous ornamental features in your home as well as great tealight holders!

Each Salt Candle Holder weight approximately 600-800g.

Please ensure that you follow all fire safety precautions when using this wax melter / oil burner. Always place on a heatproof matt and well away from any flammable substances such as curtains, walls or any other objects. Please always keep out of reach and well away from children and pets and never leave unattended for any period of time when lit. Always use good quality tealights. If flame ever becomes dangerous, please extinguish with a damp cloth.

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