Hand Carved Wooden Elephant Ornament - Wood Elephant Statue - White Elephant Statuette - Blue Elephant Decoration - New Home Gift

These beautiful hand carved wooden elephant ornaments will look stunning in your home and make the most wonderful accents pieces for your living space. These wooden elephant statues are made from quality & sustainable Albesia wood and are designed by our Happy Place team and made in Indonesia by a small family company.

These beautiful handmade wooden elephant ornaments come hand painted in both in both white & gold and turquoise and both are lightly dusted with golden glittery accents which add to the feel of authentic old world South East Asian vibes that these elephants will bring into your home. They are hand carved from Albesia wood which is one of the increasingly popular types of wood for its quick growth and ability to be grown very sustainably.

Elephant ornaments bring good luck and elephants are very noble and regal animals that encourage wisdom, courage and strength. These wooden elephant ornaments will make a wonderful addition to your home decor.

Size: 27cm x 24cm x 8cm

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