These wooden Buddha statues have all been lovingly hand carved using Sugar wood. These lovely Buddha statues have been carved using traditional tools and following the artisanal Balinese way, brining each unique & intricate detail of the Buddha to life in a 3 dimensional work of art. These Buddha ornaments have a wonderful natural red colour due to the wood they are made from and the uncoloured sections shown the beautiful shades of the natural wood which looks really pretty and gives the Buddha real character - each Buddha looks different due to the natural wood shades of their skin.

One of these hand carved Buddha statues can take up to several weeks to carve as the process is so intricate and the artisans take such great pride and care in their work. The spectacular attention to detail gives the Carved Buddha realism and beauty. You will be able to appreciate how much care and talent goes into these hand carved Buddhas.

They bring the best of two worlds together: natural and man-made; earthy and chic; practical and spiritual.

Please note that each statue is hand-carved and therefore are all unique.

These statues really are true works of art.

Available in several sizes and styles!

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