This soft cotton Buddha wall art is very soft to the touch and the splash of colours make it absolutely lovely to look at. It's very relaxing to look at the peaceful and content Buddha, hanging this piece of wall art in your home or office will bring the perfect pop of colour and sense of zen. The wall art should bring an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity to your home, allowing you to relax and unwind.

This wall hanging can also be used as a sofa or chair covering, a single bed covering or as a table cover. These pieces of cotton wall art have been lovingly and ethically handmade in India from sustainable and responsibly sourced cotton.

Available in several styles:
Style 1 - Praying Buddha multicoloured wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm

Style 2 - Chakra Buddha hand brushed cotton wall art
Size 115cm x 75cm

Style 3 - Colourful Chakra Buddha wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm

Style 4 - Round Mandala colourful cotton wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm

Style 5 - Colourful Sacred Om design wall art
Size 112cm x 78cm approx

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